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Super Slackers by Mister15to1
Super Slackers
Well i finished my comic book Psycho Sexy Super Magic, sold copies at komikon. It did very well. people seemed to like it. Even got a review at FlipGeeks and what happens to me alot atKomikon, what i think happens alot to other people as well. I tend to get more inspired to make more and draw more. So right after i thought up a bunch of characters. I sketched them out, what they wear, how the look, how their posture would be then the personalities came pouring out. I had 5 teenagers in mind and after i drew them. I heard them talking to each other, arguing, falling inlove, talkingabout falling in love and i thought i'd make a teen slacker talking heads comic book next. So i thought of my favorite teen stories in comic books and my alltime comic book crush came to mind, Kitty Pryde. I thought of her and the 80's story line of how she andPoitre fell inlove. So i thought to shake it up, i'd make my characters superpowered teenagers. I then thought my story wouldn't have action or supervillains, just them talking. Like Breakfast Club with superpowers.

I don't have the full story yet but i do have scenes in mind and where the relationships are and where they would go. So... Yeah..
These are the characters, the names im not solid on yet but
From left to right its

Harley (temporary), Dallas, Howard, Bryce, and Wayne (temporary)
So i hope i get to finish this. I am taking my time. Ilove these people and i hope i can do them justice.
I love you forever, you hear me? Forever by Mister15to1
I love you forever, you hear me? Forever
Well i finally watched. Interstellar...
i was gonna go see BH6 again but argued with myself for over a week about watching Interstellar instead, i saw it and wow.. It may not be. Nolan's best, but it's certainly the one that made me the most emotional. The ending was a bit coocoo and trippy but that father -daughter relationship was just....Christ i was drenched in tears the whole movie.
anyway i was at the Komikon yesterday and wanted to sketch while waiting in our booth, i thought i'd draw Cooper and Murph. Started sketching, then sketched again, then again. And by the end i had this. And it was so weird because i started tearing up a bit because i was thinking of that scene :)) anyway, here's the best sketch i did. Maybe i'll make a final rendered version. I'll try to make it without crying.
GO, Gogo, GO!!! by Mister15to1
GO, Gogo, GO!!!
I feel the Big Hero 6 fanart craze shall live a very long time, both in general and personally.
It's kinda easy to pick a favorite charatcer. Ofcourse, all the characters are cool and fun and they're just 6 fingers on the same fist, but come on Baymax is number 1... To choose a second favorite character i mean ofcourse i'm gonna pick the japanese rollerskating, yellow armored, bubblegum chewing animated version of jamie Chung.
drew this all digitally since i bought like 10 pens and all of em are bone dry.
Anyway, yeah to anyone who hasn't, GO SEE BIG HERO 6!
BIG HIRO BAYMAX by Mister15to1
Wow man
i literally just got home from watching BIG HERO 6.... thank god i had low expectations because i loved this thing :D
i always say how much The Incredibles meant to me back then. We don't get very many animated superhero movies.
Since its release i've been waiting for a new Incredibles movie.... and I've always wanted a new Power Rangers movie...
Disney gave me a little bit of both..

Anyway i'm tired as shit and my head hurts but i just had to make a fanart because i expect thousands of BH6 fanart coming our way and i wanted to contribute as early as i can. So here's a simple portrait of Hiro and Baymax :)


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thats all I wanted to say I think, and congrats!
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